Grasshopper is the coding app for beginners. With fun, quick lessons on your phone, the app teaches adult learners to write real JavaScript. It’s currently available for free on Android and iOS. Grasshopper is built by a team within Area 120, a workshop for experimental projects.

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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
Saw the article on TC: and downloaded straight away! I look back to when I first tried to learn to code about 6 years ago and remember thinking I found it too hard or couldnt keep up with doing it. Now I think, why didn't I just do little bits where I could to keep learning?! I'd be able to actually build my ideas myself! So I've started using Grasshopper! :D lets see how it goes! I think my issue with learning to code is not know where or what to start with....I almost want something or someone to ask "This is the platform I'm looking to build, these are the features, what language and frameworks can I learn to do this?"
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
@bentossell Similar to you I always got stuck on completing courses, then someone advised me to build sth I need / want / can play with. Led to me finishing my first rails web app. So I'm passing the baton, keep playing with Grasshopper and start building sth you need 😄
The app looks great! Congrats @fearofpoets 🎉
Laura Holmes
Senior Product Manager, Google
@okgabr1 Thanks for all your help with Instabug! @All - Omar's the CEO of Instabug, and it's been great integrating with them and getting streamlined feedback from all our our testers before yesterday's announcement.
Founder of YourApparel and Femwyse

I completed three lessons today and I enjoy the learning proces. If you get stuck you can ask for help so someone from the Grasshopper team or community can help you get back on track. I think this is a very important aspect of learning how to code because many people quit because they get stuck at some point. At the beginning of the course you can set up a schedule fitting your personal situation. You can choose to take the lessons daily or every other day for example.


Easy to understand the fundamentals. The lessons are presented in a cleary and organised.


None yet

Saurabh Hooda
Tried the app on iOS. It's really solid stepping stone for the beginners. Kudos on a great launch too :) Feel free to submit it on's Intro to programming category: We would love to feature it there!
Volodymyr SpodarykCTO / Python Software Engineer

UPD: issue was quickly resolved: it was flag of Haiti not Russia (they look pretty similar on white background in small resolution).

Epic fail with Russian flag for Ukraine!

And looks like it is not just screenshot, it is in app too.

Image from newsletter from ProductHunt:

Topic on TechCrunch:


Never used


Really offensive promo for Ukrainians

The blue-red represents the flag of Haiti. In the task you have to change the bottom color from yellow (ukraine) to red (haiti).
Heather SmithCurriculum Manager, Google
Grasshopper Curriculum Manager here! David is right, the flag shown is the flag of Haiti (blue stripe, then red). However, it was brought to our attention just after we launched that this can easily be mistaken for Russian. We've since updated that puzzle, which you can see reflected in our app and on the homepage: . So thank you for flagging this, it allowed us to make the quick change.
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