Graphcool Framework

GraphQL backend development framework


Graphcool is a backend development framework to develop and deploy production-ready GraphQL microservices. With Graphcool you can design your data model and have a production ready GraphQL API online in minutes.

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20 Reviews5.0/5

We're using Graphcool to help develop our backend for a new startup going live in January (we'll be on PH soon :) ). I had no prior GraphQL experience before diving in, and it's been freaking incredible to work with. The front-end console let me dive right into building without much experience while the great CLI tools let me transition to a more customized workflow when I had become more familiar with the API and infrastructure.

But above and beyond the framework itself (which is phenomenal for rapid backend DB, serverless function, and API development), is the customer support and documentation. I've never worked with a better team. The tutorials and documentation are extraordinary and every question or problem I've run into has been solved within 15 minutes.

If you've been on the fence between Firebase or other BaaS solutions, jump into I guarantee you won't look back.


Slick front-end console coupled with great CLI utlity for rapid development, AWS serverless functions, phenomenal customer support


Needs more third-party integration support OOTB

Graphcool framework is suited for building all kind of applications. From small projects to enterprise level applications.


Build fast grahpql API with everything build in



Incredible offering, allows one to get up and running with GraphQL straight away. One can abstract the backend into modular micro-services, greatly enhancing code reuse. Great to see this open sourced!

My feature request would be that it support PostgreSQL; however, the ability to extend database support is planned. It would be great if it was also capable of referencing database function / store procedures within the database for blazing fast local processing of data at the database level.



GraphQL implementation, Open Source. Docs are getting better


Wish it would support PostgreSQL out of the box, however, the ability to extend database support is planned.

I never had a good time setting up databases, mapping them to the GraphQL resolvers then implementing auth login, file handling, PubSubs, and soo on! And it'd lack a lot in terms of security, performance and etc.

Here it is! I loved the Graphcool cloud from the beginning, now everything is open sourced and ready to be used even offline or on your own servers. It's a huge change in how our future backends would look like, just how React, GraphQL, micro services and docker changed how we develope. Surprisingly it has/involves all of the above under the hood!

With this route, we just have to wait for the framework to be developed and evolved by the awesome community (which supported the initial before)

I've used the product before and it was just like magic, real magic. Everything you need is prepared and documented in the docs and you just write your schema and type definitions Graphcool handles everything magically!


Open Source

Language independent (Sandboxed)

Nice support team and community

Really easy setup with CLI

Elegant user interface


it's a solid product, although It's early to complain about any possible cons

My second experience with graphql, I got a functional back-end in less than an hour!


Quick start, easily extensible, no more server :)


The mapping between the graphcool framework and the web console is not perfect yet.

Great product, as a front end developer I love how easy it is to set up a new back end for my projects


Really easy to set up a backend for your next software project


Option to build your backend based on your own Amazon infrastructure

All in all, I had a pretty good experience so far, however, I've noticed that some stuff I would take for granted in other databases/backends (transactions, cascading deletions, ...) are still not implemented. So it remains to be seen how it will fare when used in production.


Easy to set up

Good documentation

Friendly community


Still rough around the edges

I think Graphcool is a great framework/technology. It takes away a lot of overhead when it comes to developing a new product/service. It's under heavy & active development, which means it's alway improving. Of course, it comes with it's bugs but the team responds really fast. I'm happy to be part of the community and can't wait to dig my hands into the code!




Language/framework agnostic

Super fast for prototypes/MVPs


Communication with community



It's under rapid development. I see this as a pro and overlook it

+1 for GCS support though!