An app for managing your mental health


Grapefruit is an app for managing your mental health. Write your journal, track your habits and emotions, and use the unique rating system to tie everything together. You then get back real data on your mental health that you can use in your healing.

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There are some great apps like this for phones, but because I spend all day on my computer, and prefer to write with a real keyboard, I could never really stick with them. But now I can keep track of my journal and emotions and such in one simple interface on my computer. Huzzah!


Finally an app like this for Mac! Plus it's wonderful set of journaling/emotion tracking tools, with great interface.


Really needs iCloud or Dropbox sync. Perhaps a menubar item on Mac for quick entry?

Yes! Another desktop app fan :) Sync + mobile versions are coming soon! I'm a Mac & Android user personally – hard to find good apps with syncing between those two platforms so that was definitely one of the goals from the start!
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really cool for someone just getting into the QS movement or wants a nice app with a clean UX to track the days. good companion to a 5 min journal


really flexible, great summary stats, good ux


no notifications. this is the one app where i do need a nudge a bit