Grapefruit Mentors focuses on connections - connecting founders with talented mentors to help them build, grow, and scale their startups.

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I created Grapefruit Mentors to solve a few problems which I have noticed over my years as a founder: - Help talented founders find high quality mentors and get the support they need to build their company. - Help founders make more personal business connections away from platforms like LinkedIn. - Help talented founders and executives find potential startups to mentor and give back. How does Grapefruit Mentors work? The Grapefruit Mentors database contains direct contact information to over 100 founders and counting who are interested in or currently mentor at startups. Access to our database costs $5 / month and we are aiming to onboard around 100 founders per month. Our database is updated as soon as we identify a potential mentor who is willing to join our database. If you have any feedback on our product, pricing, or anything else, just hit me up on Twitter @JamesStewart!
This is very interesting! So many questions... why the name grapefruit? Is this non-profit? What does the $5 go towards? Do the mentors receive payment/incentives? Cool project, can't wait to hear more.
@abadesi Hello Abadesi. The name is grapefruit because I happened to be eating one during the ideation phase :) Secondly, the $5 goes towards all the costs associated with setting up the service as well as helping fund a new startup project I am working on thus why we are for-profit. Our mentors currently receive nothing but the ability to scout out potential people to mentor, however I am hoping to incentivize the project by creating best-practices guides for startup mentoring as well as providing mentors with a small payment for their participation. Thanks for your questions and if you need anything else, please don't hesitate to message me!
@jamesstewart thanks for answering, I'm a huge believer in the power of mentorship... excited to see where this goes. I'll be following closely!