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#5 Product of the DayAugust 27, 2019
Grafiti is a new search engine for charts, graphs, infographics, and soon, data sets! We're making the world's best visual insights easier to find, discover and use on the web and Slack.
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Hi Hunters! We’re excited to share Grafiti - a new search engine for graphs, charts & visual insights on the web & Slack. First off, a huge thanks to @kevin for hunting us :) We appreciate the guidance! In our collective experiences (journalism, consulting, banking, marketing), we know finding the right credible chart or piece of data when you need it - for your deck, article or argument - can be a pain. Google offers a lot of content, but also a lot of noise. I personally started this journey as an investigative journalist during the Arab Spring, fact-checking revolutions from my phone while on the ground. I experienced first-hand how hard it is to access real data & facts quickly - and how misinformation can spread even faster. In a world where we can find GIFs, emojis and memes at the push of a finger, we believe data & facts should be as easy to find too! Here’s what you can do with Grafiti on the web: - Search & share over 200K charts, graphs, infographics & visual insights from credible publishers (digital and business media, business insights, trade orgs, non-profit/NGOs and more) as well as individual contributors. Our index is growing every day! - Browse, create & share collections (groups/boards of charts). Check out our featured collections for examples. - Upload your own charts for private or public use. On Slack, you can search & post charts from within Slack using our integration. Just type “/grafiti”, enter your keywords and hit enter. We’d love your feedback, particularly on the following: 1. Is our value proposition clear to you? Does it meet your needs? If so, why or why not? 2. What’s your feeling on how credible the information is? What could help improve that? 3. How can we better organize site? 4. How else can we improve your experience? Any other questions, comments or feedback, please chime in! Thanks again, Farhan
@kevin @paroma Thanks Paroma! Does it meet a need for you?
Hey everyone - we really appreciated your thoughts on our initial version of Grafiti and have diligently worked to upgrade our product (2x the charts and graphs, many ways to sort and filter, and Sherlock our helpful assistant to find what no one else can!). We just launched on PH as Grafiti 2.0!
I actually used Grafiti to pull together some background data for a research project. Working in r&d in media, I’m frequently working in really vague and emerging spaces. Being able to ground myself and my team in data helps us form hypotheses that inform the rest of our research. This product is really helpful to have one place to search for and gather that information rather than wading through Google. I just want data that’s actionable and this makes it easier.
@kourtbitterly thanks for the awesome use case! And always good to hear we're preferable to Google in some way. How do you think we can be more sticky compared to Google?
@farhan_mustafa2 it filters out the noise compared to Google. I know I’m getting something relevant rather than having to go through the mentally taxing process of determining if the information is reliable. I think the focus already makes it more valuable but increased volume of charts would make it one stop.
@kourtbitterly thanks Kourtney, that's extremely helpful and we'll keep focusing on adding more quality vetted insights!
Finally a search engine for charts... loving it!
@m_foros Thanks so much! If you have any feedback or requests, please let us know!
@farhan_mustafa2 Have you noticed patterns in what kinds of search queries this works well for and what kind of queries give undesirable results at the moment? Congrats on the launch!
@keshav_dhandhania Hi Keshav, great question! Yes, right now i'd say there's more content leaning towards business, marketing and global development with a mix of news publishers as well as other topic-driven sources for sports, health, etc. What are you looking for and how can we improve our content?
@farhan_mustafa2 As a data oriented person, I often look for graphical summaries instead of reading long articles. So I was just trying to search a few terms to see how well the product was working. The results for "world population" were awesome, but the results for "us state populations" / "us population by state" was mostly unrelated.
@keshav_dhandhania ah that's very helpful, thanks again! Yeah, we're working on search syntax and it's a pretty fun problem when it comes to "reading" charts :)