Alexander Sysoenko
Alexander Sysoenko reviewedGRAFFITYHangout live with your friends with AR video chat

real time AR sharing - video image 3D-decomposing and remixing


need to be very simple for not to upset enjoyable students)

Need to check (already planned) a good dozen of similar applications. But suppose - posting 3D-object (even they are "3D-like" objects and a bit simplistic) in real time and in real stream is sharply innovative. Good emphasis on the experience communication versus technology admiration transmitting

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Risa Hiyama
Risa Hiyama@risa_hiyama · UI/UX Design, Graffity
Thank you so much for your feedback! I saw your website Very interesting. We are planing to improve our technology and design and be the top AR company in Japan by 2020 Tokyo Olympic.