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Hey @jacob_bacon, tell me more about the company. Been following for a while but tell me where you're at today and what part this app plays in the overall vision.
@hilzfuld Thanks for asking! We have gone a long way since we launched on the web. We now have users from over 140 countries and growing. The product that has caught on the most is the admissions predictor, where prospective students can gauge their chances of acceptance to US universities so they don't waste time and money on places that are not right for them. All of the functionality from the web and android apps is now available for iOS users.
@hilzfuld Thanks for your ongoing support and advice along the way. Crazy to think that when we launched our android app on PH @alanweinkrantz was the first to comment and support. He is missed!
Happy to launch GradTrain for iOS today! Predict your chances of getting into graduate schools abroad and talk to someone who has already done it. Enjoy!