Open-source multi-layered CSS gradients with JPG downloads

#1 Product of the DayDecember 21, 2019
150+ Carefully Crafted CSS Gradienta for your upcoming projects. All of these gradients are available under MIT license. Can be copied as CSS codes, downloadble as JPG, PNG & SVG format with user preferred dimensions.
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16 Reviews5.0/5
This tool is really fascinating and I know how hard it is to generate beautiful gradient for website.
@parvezvai @volkandkaya Hi, it's me. Let me know what is your opinion and how would you use it. Cheers!
@parvezvai @shemul I have a gradient selector on my website builder, we have some good ones but yours are really special, is it possible to send me a json file with all the gradients?
@parvezvai @volkandkaya I think this is a dev question. I will contact him and let you know what can we do for you.
Cool tool 😎 Its like colorhunt but for gradients ✌
@towfiqpiash Thank you so much.
Very cool will look to add this into Versoly we already have some gradients and this will make a great addition. Thanks for the MIT license!
@volkandkaya This is awesome mate. Really appreciated.
Awesome! Gradient, color combination, minimal, aesthetically pleasing and super-functional of gradienta. Love it!
@md_sajol Thank you so much bhai.
Amazing cool tool Thanks gradienta.