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Location-based ads on your Uber's window


Grabb-it Inc. turns rideshare cars into digital billboards. The company installs a small device that transforms a car window into a digital screen, displaying content visible from outside the car. Advertisers get real-time campaign tracking, including campaign reach by location.

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Product Manager @Google

Is this the direction we want to go as a society? I personally hate the gas stations that now force you to watch and listen to ads at the pump. But at least I can choose not to go to those gas stations. This forces advertising on everyone without giving them any choice. I know billboards do the same thing, but I don't love billboards either.

Also, this seems like it'll work against removing distractions for drivers.


- New source of rev for some drivers


- More distractions for all drivers

- Forcing more ads into people's lives without offering them any choice


i once went to pitch a similar ideea to a VC fund and the response

was no and the reason was : when we started to speak there were 1920192K blogs

and 900000000 milion impressions available. in the last 10 minutes that numbers increased with 0,005 percent. The problem is not with advertising spaces. I can get now bloggers, vloggers, adwords, twitter, fb, instagram, ppc, outdoor, programatic, teads, prerools, postroools, midrols, etc. If i cannot measure them they are useless.

7 years later i'd say they were right.

my 2 cents.




lack of measururement for advertisers,lack of demographics.

Software Engineer
Radio, TV, and Print are passive advertising models that are still huge today. If anything I think that since it is location-based, you can target in ways that traditional online platforms will miss.
Founder, Knowledge Maps

There is already too much content bombardment these days. Although the idea is good, but I would personally hate to see something like this happening.


From an end user perspective, none really!


Blasting information and content everywhere in my face is something that I wouldn't like / appreciate.

Head of Growth at FixMyCity

Yeah, let's put a screens everywhere. Well, actually don't.

This looks like a good way to make people hate your car and transport service. Before you enter the car you see the ad and after taking a seat in the back you cannot look outside because of the display panel. I wouldn't call this a great user experience.


Some extra money for the drivers, though they don't say how much you can expect.


more annoying ads around you

how would like to sit behind ad-display covered window?