GPT-3 Tailwind CSS is an OpenAI powered GPT-3 code generator built by Themesberg.
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Hey PH 👋 Together with my team we built this Tailwind CSS code generator (favorite CSS framework) using OpenAI's GPT-3 API. Honestly after playing around with a few words and blog posts I was curious whether it could interpret not only HTML and CSS but CSS Frameworks as well. Oh boy it did! Here are a few highlights: - code still far from perfect, but very promising - works with buttons, inputs and lists currently (trained the AI to do these 3 only for now) - loading time from 2 seconds to 10 depending on the complexity (may decrease based on the API output speed) - it's very flexible in terms of language - the generator is not live because the number of requests are still restricted in beta mode - after finishing wrapping things up I would like to offer as much of this for free - here's a blog post where I write a bit more about my experience - you can sign up here for the waiting list This product was brought to you by the Themesberg team ❤️
cool. what's the porn song id?
@captnphilip recommended song from YouTube Music Editor ;)
This is amazing!!! Would you like to share the tutorials about how to develop this tool? I really want to learn how to use GPT-3 to improve my work flow. Keep up the good work!
@lai_obreon sure, I could later write a blog post with "behind the scenes" :)
Holy, this looks awesome to tinker around! Love the idea and will give it a try :D
@adrian_volcinschi Thank you! Make sure to sign up for the waiting list. Hopefully a beta version will be released next month 😊