Gotta Slack 'em All! 2.1

Let your colleagues know which Pokémon you caught!

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I caught Shendy 🙄
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I need an SMS bot for this haha (more to annoy friends than anything)
@bentossell or a messenger bot maybe? 🤓
@markv86 ideally for sending to my uni group on whatsapp but not sure possible...
As you might have noticed we updated Gotta Slack 'em All with some welcome new features. You can now let your colleagues know if your new Pokémon was hatched, evolved, or caught! Happy hunting! cc: @nielsboymanns @gielvdberg
Does Pokemon Go have an official API?
@the_gambardella not that we know of, it would be helpful in automating this a bit more though.
We've updated Gotta Slack 'em All! with the christmas variant of Pikachu and Raichu (just add -cm). Also, we're ready for Gen 2! So hatch them babies!