A traffic alarm clock for your commute.

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Kostas Xiradakis
Kostas Xiradakis@kostgx · Product Manager at VivaPayments
That's actually really smart. I know I'm always changing my alarm clock based on what I have to do in the morning. So yeah, unless you're a bot, that's promising (didn't use it yet)
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Haha intuitive! I like this approach to an alarm clock :) @rourkery how many times were you late for work before you decided to build this? This is a good tool to getting to meetings on time too?
Ryan O'Rourke
Ryan O'RourkeMaker@rourkery
@bentossell Thanks! I mostly use it when finding when to leave work (finding weird should-be-rush-hour-but-today-its-not kinda situations). And no calendar (for meeting integrations) as of yet!
jamie pham
jamie pham@jamiepham · Digital Media Manager + LA Galaxy writer
Interesting and smart idea!
Paolo Perazzo
Paolo PerazzoPro@sivola · Building products, enterprise & consumer
Cool idea! Which service do you use to check traffic information after polling my location? Is the $0.99/mo going to be enough? That's why I'm asking - those services can become expensive fast.
Alex!@imaznation · PM, Microsoft
Great idea, and if this truly does what it promises, it will absolutely be worth the $0.99/month subscription and I'd be more than willing to pay. But you need to get your user on-boarding story right. Right now, the entire value prop of the app consists of two screens: (1) please enable notifications; and (2) please pay us $0.99/month. You're really not giving me anything to convince me that I actually want to use the app. How about at least giving me a 1-month, or heck even a 1-week trial? You sell the app based on actual delivery of a promise, not by just a promise.
Ryan O'Rourke
Ryan O'RourkeMaker@rourkery
@imaznation Thanks Alex, appreciate the feedback. A free trial was definitely something we looked into, but there was some complications with in-app subscription purchases and an expiring window trial. As it stands now, it's really more akin to a .99-to-download-app, but we're thinking on how to make this feel better. (e.g. It's .99 to download and then you get hit with a subscription block after month one).
Alex!@imaznation · PM, Microsoft
@rourkery Maybe even just a simple swipe-thru of what the app does, what the various screens of the app look like, how to set it up, and what a sample notification feels like?