Communicate without cell towers, satellites or WiFi.

#4 Product of the DayJuly 17, 2014
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:) Need to convince my family and friends to get one. More GoTennas = bigger network!
@santoshsankar @nayafia how do you guys feel about the pricing? Too expensive?
@santoshsankar, you beat me to it by 30 seconds! ;)
Great for hiking and backpacking! I like it.
@rawrawray Simply put, it is a bit pricey. I think $100 for a pair would be more appealing for the everyday customer. I would assume as the product is improved, finalized and economies of scale are achieved, the price will drop. Personally, I view these kinds of opportunities as a way to take a (well thought out) chance and help the company innovate and improve. If some % of the population does not take a chance by trying the product, great new things would never happen.
@santoshsankar Agree but seeing that early adapters are allowed to buy at half the market price does not show indication that the product price will drop in the long run...
@rawrawray For those on the fence, the carrot to close is a discounted price. This is actually common but takes varying structures in other products-- some that we might not notice, example, subsidies on new smartphones. Doesn't mean the cost curve is stagnant, it just takes time to come down (and telcos realize that wireless contract $$ > upfront subsidy spend in the long run)