Uber for trucks

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Unacceptable! This company failed me at least 5 times. But every time they failed to keep up on their promise I told myself I’ll give them another chance to improve. I was wrong. Never not even once I have received a credit or promotion code toward my next services with them (as an apology) even when I was promised to get one on behalf of this company. Drivers almost never read your descriptions. Images are not playing any role. There were times when a driver showed up and we couldn’t fit an object because of literally 1-2 inches! 4 weeks ago I got 3 drivers but none of them could be any help because after accepting my offer they realized they can’t do this delivery. The last straw was today when this company’s driver couldn’t make it to my location due to a longer drop off as it was expected. Don’t get me wrong. Things like this happen and I’m being very patient but If you are professional and driving far away from the city to another place they should realize that there could be some delays, traffic or other issues and count on some extra time to make sure you can deliver on another promise. That wasn’t the case. Company offered to find someone else but honestly at this point this was the last straw for me. Also I have other commitments on Monday afternoon and in the eyes of other companies and people I work for and being responsible for a delivery I’m no longer reliable due to GoShare and their disorganized company and unreliable drivers who overcommit themselves resolving in the issue just like mine. And on top of everything I was charged over $300 for no reason damaging my credit score as I was charged over my limit (it was the same driver who dropped off my item 4 weeks ago and I ended up paying $55 + tip. I didn’t expect to be charged almost $350 for a delivery that was canceled by GoShare). I work very hard to build my credit score!! Releasing the hold off my credit card statement may take 3 days (they said to me) but it will still be there. And after reading more reviews I wasn't aware of but I should of been I won't let your company to keep my money hostage as I discovered later today reading more negative reviews. You say you strive on the best experience for your costumers and always looking to improve. Well, you have a long way to go and to make sure you can keep your costumers because today you didn't lost one, but you lost another one.


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