Google Wallet

Send and receive money. Spend it instantly.

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Available only in the US. Blah!
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Released alongside Android Pay, there's a new version of Google Wallet out, and it looks like a lot like Square Cash.
@chrismessina can someone just win this market already
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@thetylerhayes competition is good for the consumer!
@chrismessina so is not having to ask my friend 5 times if they have a different app before i finally land on the one they use
isn't​ it now Venmo?
For anyone confused as to why there are now two apps, Android Pay is equivalent to Apple Pay in that it's used for NFC payments in stores. Google Wallet on the other hand is essentially Venmo, used to send money to others.
I've been using Google Wallet for about a year now. It's a great app/service! I can transfer money from my bank account without any fees. I have a MasterCard branded Google Wallet card that I requested and they sent in the mail. I've requested money with Google Wallet from clients that I've done work for and it just works guys!