Google Tasks for Mobile

Any task, any goal. Get things done.


Google Tasks for Mobile is the standalone tasks app for all G-Suite Users. Available on iOS and Android.

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Kartik Luke Singh
Juan Visbal
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  • Pros: 

    Integrates with mail and cal


    Deleting one gmail email from this app removes it from every other app on your device

    For example I use Inbox for personal mail and Gmail for Work as I do not wish to carry around 2 separate devices.

    I was hoping to use Tasks specifically for work related todo's however removing my personal email from the selected available accounts removes it from every other google app on my device.

    Solution - Removing my personal email from Inbox/Chrome and only having work related emails on any google product

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  • Alana Russell
    Alana RussellProduct Manager, GQueues

    Great new UI, but still has the limited features tasks has always had.


    Lacks collaboration features like sharing and task assignments

    Coming clean: I am a Product Manager for GQueues. We've been around for 8 years and have developed a task management app that integrates exclusively with Google Products; Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. We have repeating task, mobile apps for Android and IOS, sharing, task assignments, etc. etc. Come give us a try -

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  • Gautham Santhosh
    Gautham SanthoshAnna Assistant, Passerine, MLJobsList

    Clean UI


    why Google Keep ?

    There are so many To-Do apps.

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  • Andrew Richard
    Andrew RichardSoftware Engineer and Machine learning

    Very simple


    You can't set time on tasks.


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  • Maxim Leonovich
    Maxim LeonovichCo-founder at

    Very simple


    Too simple

    A todo app without widget is an instant no-go

    Maxim Leonovich has used this product for one day.