MonkeyLearn supercharges your spreadsheets by automatically tagging text with sentiment, topic, keywords and more. Our AI understands the content of the selected rows and automatically populates the results in new columns. Stop spending time tagging every single row of text, let AI do the work for you. Sign up for free and give it a try!

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Federico Pascual
COO @MonkeyLearn.
👋Hey folks! I’m stoked to share our new Google Sheets integration with the PH community! Spreadsheets are synonymous with data analysis. More than likely, you’ve used it countless times for crunching data, analyzing trends and creating all kinds of reports. While we all know how to crunch numbers with functions, analyzing text manually sucks 😫! Product teams, CX professionals, marketers and analysts spend countless hours every month processing survey responses, support tickets, customer feedback and more. In addition, it's easy to create inconsistencies in reporting when trying to keep the same criteria across an entire team. We’ve built this Google Sheet addon to make analyzing your data a breeze. By letting the AI do the job for you 🤖, you can stop manually tagging every single row of text and ensure consistent tagging criteria without errors, 24/7 💥 You can sign up for free, I'd love for you to give it a try! And please feel free send any questions or feedback my way.
@federicopascual how do we know if sharing data with it is secure and do you use/store our data or not?
Dimitry ApollonskyCEO @
This looks great! Doing a lot of data analysis manually in sheets, this should speed things right along.
John B. ElmerCEO, Bayard Bradford
Wow, this is exactly what we have been looking for!
I just gave it ago today with a csv of verbatim customer feedback. Love it!
Lachlan Kirkwood
Helping Makers Look Better 👕
A great way for non-technical users to harness NLP within a familiar UI. Can't wait to trial this out!
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