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Discover and listen to the world's podcasts on Android.


Integrated with the Google Assistant across your devices and packed with personalized recommendations, Google Podcasts is designed to make it easier than ever for Android users to discover and listen to podcasts.

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  • Jordan Gardiner
    Jordan GardinerProduct @ Popgun

    It's by Google!


    Not available outside the US by the sounds of it. Podcasts are universal. Boo.

    After months of rumours it appears like Google Podcasts is ready for prime time. This'll likely steal some people away from third-party apps.

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  • Nic Acton
    Nic ActonSystems Engineer

    - It's Google so it could be very powerful... someday

    - It's free

    - Google's minimal design does look clean/fresh


    - Lack of many basic podcast app features, like episode sorting

    - Discovering new/trending podcasts is non-existent

    I suppose Android was due for a basic podcast app fairly soon, with Apple providing a standard offering for iPhone. Like Apple's app, this app leaves a lot to be desired.

    As an avid podcast listener, I jumped on the Pocket Casts train some time ago so admittedly Google had a large hill to climb in order to get me to change to their app. Currently there are additions/changes they would need to implement to get me to move over to their platform:

    - Currently there is no web or PC offering, this is very valuable to me as a coffee shop nomad

    - It's too minimalist, lacking many basic like queuing up episodes or sorting from oldest to newest

    - This idea of integrating experiences into your podcast sounds interesting, but many other platforms are being acquired and currently in this battle for what format this will look like. I have no reason to believe Google will win out for this one.

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  • Pros: 

    Neat design


    - Complete Light UI Theme

    - Recommendation features will only work if you provide web & app activity permission

    The main feature I looked out for was the recommendations part for which it wants to monitor my web activity and it has a complete light ui and option for darker theme colors. And no customization option on how to handle the podcasts.

    Sanjay has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Easy access to aggregated list of newly published episodes across your subscribed podcasts


    Finding "subscribe" button for a podcast needs several clicks. Don't see a button to cast podcast from the app to a chromecast device

    Like the white theme (compared to Google Music orange theme). Also like the thumbnails of your subscribed podcasts on the home screen. Would have liked if they would have made it easier to "sync" my completed and in-progress episodes from Google Music app. Similarly, would have been nice to not having to search, scroll, click, and finally subscribe to the podcast I have already subscribed to on Google Music app. Really liked the "popular with listeners of X podcast" section, it is usually difficult to find good podcasts, unless you are connected to a community that's big on listening to podcasts and making recommendations. For the trending podcasts section (as well as recommended podcasts), it would be good to see trending/recommendation engine to use insights from platforms beyond Google owned apps.

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  • Stan Brooks
    Stan BrooksA squirrel that ran away with my pants.

    None that I have found


    Can't subscribe to any podcast. Incomplete podcast listing in general.

    I don't understand what the point of this app is. I can't subscribe, I don't even have a list of the podcast I am already subscribe to. Can do preimun. Just really what is the point?

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  • Pros: 

    - Podcast Discovery


    - No playlist / queuing

    - No audio optimization (eg. trim silent bits)

    - No Auto download

    Good first attempt but lacking "Pro features". Very focused on discovery at the moment and I would like to see some form of a split between discovery and subscriptions.

    Stephanus van Vuuren has used this product for one week.
  • Mykal
    MykalStudent Engineer

    Plays Podcasts

    Integrates with Google Home / Assistant


    - Lacking 95% of Standard podcast App Features

    - No sleep timer

    - No Episode Sorting

    - No Notifications for new Episodes

    - etc etc

    I really wanted to like this app but it is so far from what I'm used to from apps like pocketcasts that I cant justify using it any longer until they catch up to the market. Super dissapointed

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    CHILLЯΞPΓILΞ ❄️🐍Sam Rexford, blogger, crypto, marketing.

    easy to use, slick interface


    none so far

    I was annoyed at first that they broke out the podcasts into its own thing (from google play), but now I like the fact that all my podcasts are in a central place

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  • Pros: 

    It's free.


    Add basic features like playlist. A history of what I"ve listened to would be nice too.

    Was excited when I heard about it - then I tried it and was really surprised and rather perplexed that they left out basic features. Went back many months later and I still find it unusable.

    Tom has used this product for one week.
  • Jeremy Krantz
    Jeremy KrantzDirector of Marketing @ FINTRX

    Great U/I

    Visually pleasing



    Doesn't fully integrate with Android auto

    Great podcast app overall but still needs more advanced features as well as a full integration with Android auto

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  • QTang Clan
    QTang ClanSoftware Engineer & Mango Sorbet Evangel

    Not sure, yet.


    Not sure, yet.

    I was really excited to try this out, but it insta-crashes on my phone (Essential PH-1)

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  • Sridhar Krishnan
    Sridhar KrishnanBizDev Manager

    I'm sure there is a solution to listen to podcast rather than creating one onw


    I don't think the there is any relevant reference sources added to this

    Can you please add any valid links to the app/tool or to any article? That'd be really great.

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  • Carson Long
    Carson LongI love finding new technology

    - Easily change audio speed - Easy organization and usage on Android - Works great with Google Home mini


    - Downloads on Android still go into downloads folder (confusing)

    My favorite podcasts app on my Android so far.

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