Nic Acton
Nic Acton reviewedGoogle PodcastsDiscover and listen to the world's podcasts on Android.
 Not RecommendedPros: 

- It's Google so it could be very powerful... someday

- It's free

- Google's minimal design does look clean/fresh


- Lack of many basic podcast app features, like episode sorting

- Discovering new/trending podcasts is non-existent

I suppose Android was due for a basic podcast app fairly soon, with Apple providing a standard offering for iPhone. Like Apple's app, this app leaves a lot to be desired.

As an avid podcast listener, I jumped on the Pocket Casts train some time ago so admittedly Google had a large hill to climb in order to get me to change to their app. Currently there are additions/changes they would need to implement to get me to move over to their platform:

- Currently there is no web or PC offering, this is very valuable to me as a coffee shop nomad

- It's too minimalist, lacking many basic like queuing up episodes or sorting from oldest to newest

- This idea of integrating experiences into your podcast sounds interesting, but many other platforms are being acquired and currently in this battle for what format this will look like. I have no reason to believe Google will win out for this one.

Nic Acton has used this product for one day.
I found the lack of basic features surprising as well. I can't even search for episodes within a podcast.