Parth Acharya
Parth Acharya reviewedGoogle PodcastsDiscover and listen to the world's podcasts on Android.

Easy access to aggregated list of newly published episodes across your subscribed podcasts


Finding "subscribe" button for a podcast needs several clicks. Don't see a button to cast podcast from the app to a chromecast device

Like the white theme (compared to Google Music orange theme). Also like the thumbnails of your subscribed podcasts on the home screen. Would have liked if they would have made it easier to "sync" my completed and in-progress episodes from Google Music app. Similarly, would have been nice to not having to search, scroll, click, and finally subscribe to the podcast I have already subscribed to on Google Music app. Really liked the "popular with listeners of X podcast" section, it is usually difficult to find good podcasts, unless you are connected to a community that's big on listening to podcasts and making recommendations. For the trending podcasts section (as well as recommended podcasts), it would be good to see trending/recommendation engine to use insights from platforms beyond Google owned apps.

Parth Acharya has used this product for one day.