Google Pixel Slate, powered by the reimagined Chrome OS. Designed to be as versatile as you are, with a brilliant display, a desktop operating system, and the mobility and app support of a tablet. Plus, smart responsive accessories like Google Pixel Slate Keyboard and Pixelbook Pen.

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I think this was my favorite hardware launch today. I'd probably buy it if I like how it feels hands-on 🤔
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I have a Pixelbook and I love it. I will gladly buy this when Google makes it available.
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Have you looked at the review videos? I know it’s kind of a late prototype, but the UI just seems so janky :/
Pixel Slate is (Almost) Great For Developers. I'm sticking with my 2009 Macbook Pro for now.

Pixel Slate is (Almost) Great For Developers. However, without Xcode I'll have to stick with my 2009 Macbook Pro. Full thoughts here:


Power, portability, software flexibility


Lack of Xcode, solid state drive storage