Google Pixel 3

The latest phone from Google


Google Pixel 3 is the latest flagship smartphone by Google with one of the best cameras on the market.

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Co-Founder at Pixel Point

Second year in the row I wait when they finally start make better designs.


Clean Android


Awful design. God help them.

As usual, Google miss the mark when it comes to good design. It's something they just don't understand. Such a shame.




Ugly, bad design

CEO @ Ware

Like it or not, Google continues to improve its hardware line with every release. Sure, the notch is ugly, but you can hide it with a built-in software setting. The screen and speakers and AI and camera and build quality are all improved.


Insane and best AI, as usual. Best camera. Higher quality design components. AND you can hide "the notch" with a built-in software setting.


Price is more expensive this year. No headphone jack.

Hide? you mean make the notch longer to take up whole space on the top? The bezels are huge, I Really like google's smartphones (I STILL have nexus 5 and nexus 5x). This year tried iPhone X - I really dont understand why people like it. The design of iPhone is great and UI is much smother and more natural, but functionality... I was going to replace the iPhone with pixel 3 or 3xl but the notch! the bezels! Why would you make a phone that ugly? Anyways, I am gonna check if the phones are as ugly as on videos. If I they are not as bad I might buy pixel 3, or I will have to go with 1+1 6T.
Female, knowledgeable with cell phones
Google Pixel sucks. I have one that turned a year old last month, in perfect condition, never dropped, never wet, always kept in a case and taken care of. It just shut off and will not turn back on. I have heard this is common with the pixel. Almost 1,000.00 for this phone and last a little over a year.