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Product & Engineering @DeltaHandPies

Curious if this is another example of group think... If it's looking at what my friends do and what I typically do then it'll reinforce that behaviour and I won't learn anything new or have a chance to thin outside of my own sphere of influence. So that's what I question about these types of things - even though I like them (because I'm designed to)


Slick, Seems relevant


It's no SIP :D

Developer and Product Lover

The UX is just a joy to use. I've been using this for a week now, and it's gotten me back into reading the news every day. My news consumption went from 0 to checking 2-5x/day.

As I'm already hitting the reading limit for my favorite sources in 1 week, I can see myself actually paying for NYT.

A few features that I adore:

• Headlines shows you the top current headlines

• You can swipe between different sources and see quotes from them

• A US-based news app that let's you view World news easily?! 👏🏼

• For You shows you stories that the algorithm thinks you'll like

• Supports the publisher's reading cap rules (ex. NYT's 5 free articles)


Feels amazing to use, great news algorithm, ability to follow specific sources and stories


Optimized for more general news use, but no complaints so far

Principle Engineer, Donnelly Financial

It's probably too early to tell, will check in later ;)


So far (2 hours), so good


I haven't noticed a large difference yet, honestly.


it's a great news app


awesome design!


nop :)

Strategy Consultant & Builder of Things

I'm a big fan of Google news and even the android feed. Their new news app is a huge improvement over both. Can't recommend it any more highly.


The best news app



Software engineer, turning entrepreneur

The new Google News experience is nice and tailored to my interests. Unfortunately, it won't change the fact that many of the news sources nowadays are clickbait and of dubious quality. The "full picture" feature only helps to expose how much one source copied from others.


Tailored experience.


Full picture can only do so much, if all sources on one story are clickbait copies of each other (IMHO)

SEE-MORE Helps the small..STAND TALL!

I worry a bit that Google will keep data about my news interests. Having a news app that people can personally organize to deliver specific content, creates a means for a company know a lot about you.





Teenage Web Developer

Way better than the older News section in the Google app.


Minimal, easy to read


None :)