Meet Enhancement Suite is a Chrome Extension that adds new features and smart defaults to Google Meet – including grid layout, push-to-talk, auto-join, and more!
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Thanks for posting @robjama! Over the past week @keyfer and I have been working on this extension to make our WFH lives easier. As we started working from home we quickly became frustrated with the lack of features and smart defaults Google Meet offered (especially in comparison to Zoom). So we created Meet Enhancement Suite – a Chrome Extension for Google Meet that adds new features like: • Grid Layout: see everyone in your Google Meet in one view, highlight speakers, and set it as your default layout • Push to Talk: quickly mute and unmute yourself with the press of a key • Auto Join: skip the join screen and get straight to the meeting • Smart Defaults: automatically turn on captions, mute your mic, or turn your video off We've got a lot more planned for our extension (dark mode anyone?), but we'd love to hear from you – what features would you like to see added to Google Meet?
@robjama @keyfer @cpollo01 This is a fantastic set of features. Push-to-Talk is brilliant. Teachers using Meet for classes are struggling with students sending join requests from outside the school domain with offensive names. These pop up in the Meet, disrupt the class and there is no way to stop them. Could you add Block Join Requests to your feature set?
@robjama @keyfer @cpollo01 I'd like to be able to see participants, screenshare and chat at the same time. It's kind of a pick-two situation right now. Then, this starts to go beyond an extension, but I'd like some way to dump the chat contents so that I can paste into Slack or store somewhere for later Additionally, a quick button to send the install link in chat would be helpful to spread the benefit.
@keyfer @jay_morris This is a very interesting problem! We will definitely look into this. Thank you for sharing :)
@keyfer @jeffandersen all fantastic ideas – we'll add these to the roadmap. Thanks Jeff!
@keyfer @cpollo01 I've been using it a bit this afternoon, there's a bit of a weird feeling when the white control bar overlays on the bottom grid participants. It often cuts off a lot of those video panes (several missing chins). Is there some behaviour that could prevent that? maybe making that bar fixed underneath?
Google needs to step up their game, or not... This is essential!!
@vahek9 how hard they are dropping the ball on Meet 🤦‍♂️
@keyfer I can no longer find it in google extension store
@keyfer @new_user_107dfa3db1 I can't find it either. I want to push it out to the users in our G Suite for EDU domain. How can I find it!
That's super cool! Is it possible to auto record meetings? I always forget to press record...
@stef_kors This is something we're looking into, and would be an AWESOME feature we think. Thanks Stef!
@stef_kors I have the same problem. I always forget. Both Zoom and Uberconference offer an option to auto-record. It would be great if Google Meet could too!
@stef_kors record function in Google Meet, depends on the Google Suites administrator (for the domain). It has the option to 'let user record meetings'. If it's enable, then User of the domain can record the meeting.
@stef_kors oops, sorry, my badd.. your post is about 'forget to press record' not how to record
this is a legitimately useful plugin, and i typically don't like plugins, much less leave comments about them. I'd shake the hands of the creators if it didn't potentially land me a $5,000 fine for violating social distancing bylaws. instead, you get a virtual fist bump. 👊