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You can Google “I lost my phone” and Google will find it.
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@nivo0o0 if only they could find my phone when the battery is dead. Given the terrible battery life on my Nexus 5, that would have come in handy. :(
@laurex @nivo0o0 correct me if I'm wrong, but im pretty sure it shows the last location (or last synced) - so unless someone stole it, should be in the same spot :)
@sahilc0 yes, it's that "unless somebody stole it piece" that's a bummer. In my case, my phone fell out of my bag when I was getting into my car. I returned an hour later and it was gone, but the parking lot was the last place Google had seen it. You also can't erase the data when the power is off. Not sure where the phone is now, but it raises some potential security issues. On the other hand, it's nice to know that theoretically, you can stop being tracked by having no power, from a privacy standpoint.
amazing it took them this long to make "find my iPhone"...
@thejeremycarson They've always had a phone locator feature. In fact, you can just do a Google search for "where's my phone" and it'll come up on a map as the first result along with a button that says, "ring". This is just a newer UI.
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@ryanthejenks @thejeremycarson The Feature was also emphasized in "Device Manager"
This has been available for quite a while. Why is it just showing up now?
Amazing if it works. I would have needed it 5 months ago. But the bullshit warning is buzzing..
@appernetic Why wouldn't it work? Similar to Apple's "Find my iPhone".
Upon seeing this, my initial thought and only question is "What now?" - Can you disable it at all? I see the "RING" option, but really that's only going to make the thief giggle if you do so as they scroll through your messages.