Google Flights 2.0

A redesigned web experience to find & track flights 🔎✈️🌎


Google Flights has been updated to match the familiar material design, now common to most Google products. Search flights, explore new destinations, and keep track of price changes!

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Lead Product Marketing Manager

it's faster than other flight search engines


I like the look & feel, makes price comparison easy, no need to scroll below the fold to access the recommendations


lack of promotions, deals, incentives

🍝 Product Manager | Spaghetti Aficionado

Overall, I think Google does a remarkable job at representing a key user problem when researching flights -- users are often left to question, "Is this really the best deal? Can I do better than this price?"

I think those sentiments are representative of a lack of trust that exists between users and flight-booking / travel websites, and Google makes up for that because of (1) the brand and (2) the easy and straightforward UI.

There is still a need, though, for a different "version" of flight browsing, which has more to do with an exploratory "I-don't-know-where-to-go-or-when-yet" mentality, which is more aspirational than anything else. Additionally, it could do a little bit better with sharing data trends/flight insights (when to buy) at first glance instead of being 1-click away (less discoverable for a novice user).

With all the above said, this is my new go-to app for flights! 😅


• Fast

• Trustworthy (more on this below)

• Easy UI


• A little harder to do open-ended queries

• Not as optimal for booking vacations (exploratory)

• Flight insights are less discoverable

Web Developer

I wish I could perform advanced searches are in matrix.


- fast

- powerful

- supports lots of companies


- not powerful as matrix (owned by google)


I think the app is great for booking flights, I've used it about 10 times and everything has been ok


Easy to use, provides offers from many companies, loyal to customers


I'd like Google Flights offer more deals or discounts

Developer and Entrepreneur

It is a dealbreaker for me this difference in price still inside Google Flights, if it was something like: the company changed the price and Google didn't notice yet would be fine but this ruins the experience of searching for a cheap flight.


Simple and clean UI


On multiple searches/flights it shows a price in the list but when you click it it shows another.

Clean, clear, and powerful - but it is not a one stop shop, could be if it interfaced with more sites ...

One of Google's "hidden" gems


Clean interface, powerful search, great graphics


Doesn't always find the cheapest fair, or the shortest