Google Express

Same-day delivery for groceries and more (now in NYC & LA)

#4 Product of the DayMay 05, 2014
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Very interesting to watch this space develop. Check out some other players: Instacart and Postmates.
@GeoffreyWeg - most definitely. I'm really rooting for Instacart (wrote a short piece about their awesome customer service, cc @Max) but competition for local delivery will be brutal. Living in SF, I haven't actually used Google Express. Anyone have an opinion?
I'm biased bc I'm on the team, but it's been a huge timesaver for my wife and I. We can come home to the stuff at our door that we used to have to stop at the corner store to pick up (and often pay more for). You guys should give it a try! $10 off your first order automatically & free delivery for 6 months. Send any feedback to me or @GoogleShopEx. We're all ears!
@GoogleShopEx @bemmrich Personally, I am really excited to see how this market shapes in the next few years. I foresee it delivery service being an offered product to connect with customers verse a new revenue stream.
I use (abuse) Google Shopping Express religiously. Though would I pay $5 per delivery for it? -> No in 95% of my use cases. If they wanna keep giving me free same-day delivery and deliver me $2 toothpicks for free ($5 shipping fee waived) in exchange for using that data to target adverts at me, that sounds like a good compromise :)
Have been using this service since mid last year and LOVE it. Huge time saver.