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#4 Product of the DayNovember 03, 2014
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This gives my current favorite, Sunrise calendar, a run for its money.
@ghobs91 Not only Sunrise, but all the calendar apps out there. I'm an avid user of Fantastical. It does the job for me. I'm super picky on productivity tools. Can't wait for the iOS release. Google's doing a great job on the design front with Inbox and now Calendar. Excited to see what else is in the pipeline.
Definitely intrigued by this. Have been using Inbox actively for past week or so and moved off native iOS mail client for personal email. Hoping for the same on Google Calendar when it comes to iOS. Liked this bit from @benedictevans "Google is reworking Mail and Calendar from database displays to task-led interfaces. I wonder how far they'll take that." ...but it made me wonder if these are reactionary interfaces designed to handle overload, rather than products that actually reimagine both email and calendar beyond triaging tools.
One question remains: Will they finally fix that you can't change the calendar an entry is saved in the edit dialogue?
Still waiting for the browser version to get an update.
Interesting stuff. Still such a long way to go with the apps we use every day - email, cal, etc.