Google Calendar Door Sign

An LCD sign that displays your Google Calendar

I was thinking about sharing this, but thought it was more of a hack than a product in the end. Still an interesting read though.
Alex Forey, the creator of the Google Calendar Door Sign describes the purpose of his invention: "It's what I think is generally known as a digital toy: it serves no great purpose other than to be interesting and kinda cool. It's mostly so when someone walks past my door they can see what I'm up to (and why I'm not there)." What other digital toys have you seen that have caught your eye recently?
@jmj reminds me of this physical facebook likes counter
Also worth noting: I believe this product could have many use cases, and readers of Hacker News agreed. One of my favorite responses to this product: "There might be a market for an e-paper based version of this that shows an entire day or week of schedule."