Google ARC

Run Android apps on a Mac or PC with Google Chrome

#2 Product of the DayApril 03, 2015
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Instagram desktop FTW! And keep in mind that every Google Chrome user profile has it's own Apps, so yes, you can run multiple instances of Instagram, on your desktop, at the same time. Here is my step-by-step rundown on how to get the APK and install it.
Very cool... as an iOS guy, what Android-only apps are worth checking out?
@marmelroy Hahha. This is my question as well. I jumped from Android to an iPhone 6+ last year, and after looking through my old app list I realized there wasn't anything I was really missing. On mobile, anyway. ARC still provides a really great way to use mobile apps on the desktop, even if they're the Android version instead of iOS.
@marmelroy @ryanjamurphy Same :) I couldn't think of any android-only apps. Google does play favourites by going Android first on some updates to apps like Gmail but I think that's the only Android advantage when it comes to apps.
@marmelroy Talon for twitter is worth checking out, not sure if it is compatible with this new feature for chrome, but still. Also Weather Timeline as well, again not sure if it is compatible with the feature. Those are the two that I directly noticed from my phone that stick out as Android only apps I use daily.
Wonder if this allows you to run WhatsApp on desktop?..
@fredkelly doubt it, no sim...
You can now run Android apps on Chrome with ARC (beta). h/t @tomwarren This looks like it could be handy for researching Android apps and finally solving the no-web-app for Instagram problem.
@robjama The official site is a (basic) webapp right?
Can anyone recommend any Android apps that are genuinely worth having on desktop, Instagram aside? This sounds exciting but for non-developers, are there any decent uses? Wish you could use Whatsapp on multiple devices...