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Daniel Roffman
@roffman · Developer, gaHeatmpas
A few people have asked how to customize their dashboard widgets. Check this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AohpDfrKj2M And if you've any questions ask here or contact support@datadeck.com
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Daniel Roffman
@roffman · Developer, gaHeatmpas
Boo yea! We just pasted 50 upvotes #feelingthelove /cc @datadeck https://media.giphy.com/media/l4...
Kevin William David
@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Summarise your most important website metrics on an easy-to-understand dashboard with GA Dashboards by Datadeck. Simply connect Google Analytics and use 1-click templates to get an instant snapshot of your website's performance.
Daniel Roffman
@roffman · Developer, gaHeatmpas
Think it's hard creating a kickass dashboard with Google Analytics? Think again... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRF2DCYhCI8
Axel Norvell
@axertion · UI/UX Designer at GoCo.io
Some Feedback: As the type of person that likes to try something before committing, you guys should consider adding a live dashboard example to your homepage so users can instantly see it in action instead of just a static image screenshot ;)
Alex Reyes
@esalexreyes · Freelance Web Designer
Ok, so far it looks nice, I need to play around with my dashboard but so far so good, I like the interface so once you can take sources like social networks may turn into my main analytics page. By the way, what's your pricing strategy?