Google Allo

Smart messaging app that helps you say more and do more.

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Peter Mello
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  • Peter Mello
    Peter MelloManaging Partner, Lionheart Pathways

    Successfully automates and simplifies almost every typical messaging behavior from quick replies to snapping pics/video


    Yet another entrant into a ridiculously fragmented and chaotic space. Not many others are using it, but I chat more with those who do.

    Google has a great product here built out of a philosophy that is a total winner IMO. They are dragging their feet in the most inexplicable fashion, and doing nothing to funnel Hangouts users into it and rolling out an equally good desktop experience to complete the client field that anyone needs to be a serious contender. I hope they pull their heads out know where, but their track record in real-time communications has me thinking they'll squander this opportunity like all those before.

    Peter Mello has used this product for one year.
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    No decent desktop/webapp

    We don't need another Whatsapp. If you want to deliver a service good enough to beat it, you will need more than an assistant and a redesign. We need a desktop/web app that, at least, works like Telegram. Don't want it to drain our battery just like Whatsapp does when pairing to use on the PC. This will not las longer than 3 years.

    Filipe has used this product for one week.
  • Chris | Vrixe
    Chris | VrixeEdit and open the best moments together.

    When you search for it in the store, you will find it. No seriously there is nothing good about this app other than that.


    ...and Google jumped ship after a year, leaving the users to dream of yet another chatapp to be released.

    This app and the web version will make you sick. Very sick.

    Hate that whisper - shout thing. What is that!

    Images in chat take up the whole screen. Thats just bad real estate. assistant is not just creepy but useless here.

    The whole app just feels like its half-baked.

    Chris | Vrixe has used this product for one year.