Comments on “Google Allo
Serge Lobatch@slobatch · Product Manager
Why make the decision not to support true SMS fallback at launch? With such a crowded market for messaging apps, I question the decision to pursue the short-code SMS relay route. Sure, my iPhone-using contacts will get a download link (boosting adoption), but am I more likely to annoy them than to get them to download a new thing? How big a factor in potent… See more
Chris Messina@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
@slobatch backwards compatibility tends to hamper product innovation and force lowest common denominator design. Most of the features of Allo don't translate back to text-only well. How would you do stickers? Expensive MMS? Read receipts? Not possible. Allo is for users with data or who are on Wi-Fi. It's about the next 10 years of messaging, not the past...… See more
Serge Lobatch@slobatch · Product Manager
@chrismessina I hear that. I think we will see people continue to move away from SMS over time, but I think claiming that focusing on SMS would hamper product development is a bit of a cop out for two reasons: 1. When you're entering a market with so many competitors this late, you must account for network effects. How do you achieve critical mass when ever… See more
@slobatch I constantly see this critique of Allo around the web and I find it astonishing, mostly because most Americans don't seem to be aware of the fact that SMS incurs it's own individual charge per message in many countries, for instance in my current country of residence (Barbados) each text amounts to $0.20, which you can imagine adds up pretty quickl… See more
Serge Lobatch@slobatch · Product Manager
@alexzibrit admittedly, I am biased as an American user of messaging services, and SMS has been largely unlimited here for years now. It may very well even be that I'm not Google's intended market with this play. Genuinely curious, do you expect your contacts will switch over to Allo to chat with you, or do you expect most of them to continue using WhatsAp… See more
Mickey Bennet@werewookiee · Engineer, Global Sanchez Inc.
@slobatch . Google is a major player in RCS, the next update to SMS that should be adopted by all carriers. This should play some part in their decision
Willie Morris@morewillie · Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox
@slobatch Agreed. Not being backwards compatible with SMS is a deal breaker for me. I don't buy into it hampering product innovation, there's ways to gracefully fallback until SMS is officially dead. I switched over to Android about a month ago and the biggest issue I have is messaging. Nothing quite compares to iMessage and Apple managed to fallback to SMS … See more
Del Williams@delwilliams · Founder, Private Curator
@slobatch @chrismessina are you forgetting Google owns a mobile OS, and those Androids are sold more than iPhones. Second, I help people move their stuff from one device to another, whoever lied and said sms was going away is a moron. In the USA, it's still the cheapest way to communicate.