A Mac app for Facebook Messenger

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Looks slick, @danielbuechele. Current by @appden is also worth checking out.
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Thanks for the plug @rrhoover! I really like your website @danielbuechele. I'd love to chat sometime about our experiences working on third-party Facebook apps for the Mac. :)
@appden sure. Just shoot me a mail You also might be interested in
I am not a big fan of web views, too. But it seems to be the only possible way to go, as neither the API nor the XMPP-interface exposes all features.
@danielbuechele Really neat. Appreciate it. One small problem is that it seems to freak out when I click on a Facebook or Youtube video that was sent to me. Other than that it seems to work nicely. I dig it. Edit: Seems to be fixed. AWESOME.
As someone who has used Flamingo and Astro. This looks GREAT! Edit: After using it real fast. I'm sold (would have probably paid $1.99 if not a little more for this, FWIW) In some ways it's basically a webview style approach, but the most important feature is... it works.
@danielbuechele Nice app and it looks great. (Icon's wonderful.) The bug that prevents me from using it is that whenever I command-tab back into it (or open it from the app icon), it goes to the next unread message. (Reproduce: mark message unread, command-tab out, then either a) command-tab back in or b) click dock icon. It'll go to the next unread message and mark it as read.)
@markbao Yes, this is a little tricky. Sometimes you want this feature. For example, when you click on a notification of a message you just received. And sometimes you don't want that feature. I disabled this feature for now and add a preference in an upcoming version.
@danielbuechele Good call. Hmm, is there a way to catch a notification click and only have *that* event activate the message?
@danielbuechele Nice! Added it to the ever growing 'Chat & Messaging Apps' collection: