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Hi! I'm Siddarth, founder of Goodshows. Goodshows is a social network for TV geeks and movie fanatics. You can discover your next favourite show and also discuss favourites by following your friends and other like-minded people, rate & review shows you’ve watched, keep track of new episode releases by adding them to your watchlist and also share your reviews and ratings on Facebook and Twitter. We want to build Goodshows into an incredible community where your opinions lead to engaging and interesting conversations. So don’t just Netflix and chill. Netflix, chill and review. Let me know what you think. I'll be around to reply to all of your questions!
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@kidsid49 I think I am going to use this app for finding good tv shows more and hope so it will give me a authentic review and save my time too in finding a good shows.
This is a great platform. I've been beta testing it for a few weeks now. Since GetGlue faded into oblivion, I've been looking for a replacement. While it functions differently, Goodshows allows me to track the movies and shows I've watched, review them and chat with like-minded folks. The interface is simple and intuitive. Can't wait to see the community itself become more lively so it can grow!
As I watch many shows, I need to have an app to follow them on a schedule. I'm currently using TVShowTime. What would make me leave my current apps for yours :D? (I really like the design)
@tsunaze Goodshows is more than a TV show calendar app. It's more about the vibrant community where you can discuss your opinions and discover new shows based on your friend's and like-minded people's recommendations. So not only can you track shows but also find out everyone else who is just as excited as you are.
@kidsid49 @tsunaze Ok got it. Is there an Android version on the way?
@tsunaze Oh yeah! The android version is under development.
I've been beta testing this app for a month now. One cool thing about this app is, I get to read authentic reviews coming straight from my friends and people who I follow. I can imagine this could change the way we build our watchlist of tv shows and movies. Great work @kidsid49.
A really engaging product!