Good Old PH 2017

Chrome extension going back to the old Product Hunt layout

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Mark Lyttleton
@marklyttleton · mysplink.com
It would be great if PH kept it serious... out with all of the gimmick products such as the flurry of 'Trump' products and 'useless' bots
Jack Smith
@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
PH recently started testing a new design. personally I found it really hard to use. @tchret has saved me by updating his Good Old PH extension to make it fix the new design. See below screenshot for a comparison: left is the new default PH design; on the right is with this Good Old PH extension installed: http://i.imgur.com/0R2lX9y.png
Ben Lang
@benln · Spoke
I'd love to go back to the old design too, thanks
Maxime Braud
@mxbraud · Cofounder, Mangrove
Still amazing in 2017 :)
Tom de Ruiter
@tomgekeerd · Young, 16 y/o iOS App Developer
Wow, this good old UI seems so long ago already! Well done!