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Tommy Engström
Abhilash P Kalarikal
Adam Chipperfield
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  • Adam Chipperfield
    Adam ChipperfieldWeb Developer

    Nicely organised and filtered for different uses.


    It would be good if you could edit the copy in place and then copy to your clipboard to use on your own email campaigns.

    Really helpful if you are stuck for simple email copy (like welcome emails). Some real quirky ones on there from great companies.

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Mathilde Collin
Mathilde CollinMakerHiring@collinmathilde · CEO, Frontapp
Our mission at Front is to help people communicate better. Usually, it means building the best communication software possible, but today we’re doing something different. We’re releasing a collection of emails that we think have great copy, so the PH community can get inspiration for their own communication. I know a few initiatives similar to this one were launched recently but I guess: 1. you never have too many examples 2. our approach is really focused on the copy, not the design of the emails.That’s why it’s plain text: easy to search, easy to copy and paste the content and adapt it to your own “style” :) Looking forward to your feedback/suggestions!
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
@collinmathilde cool collection of emails what 'checklist' do you have for email copy making it to your list?
Mathilde Collin
Mathilde CollinMakerHiring@collinmathilde · CEO, Frontapp
@bentossell thanks Ben! we're looking for emails that are simple, short, no boiler plate (sometimes with light humor, sometimes just very sincere, etc.)
Inês Silva
Inês Silva@isss111 · Entrepreneurship | Future of Work
@collinmathilde Awesome! Definitely inspiring! Are you going to keep adding examples?! What can we expect from Front in the upcoming months?!
Mathilde Collin
Mathilde CollinMakerHiring@collinmathilde · CEO, Frontapp
@isss111 yes we'll keep adding examples! you can know what we're up to by looking at our public roadmap: :)
Inês Silva
Inês Silva@isss111 · Entrepreneurship | Future of Work
@collinmathilde Love it! I'm fascinated by companies that build products in public! I can imagine that publishing your roadmap to the public is a big (maybe scary) step! What has been the impact of this to the company? And to you personally?!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Super useful. @whale's Really Good Emails is also a great resource.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith@whale · Designer | Inventor | Entrepreneur
@rrhoover We like to think so! We recently added live views so you can see how people built emails as well.
Haseeb Awan
Haseeb Awan@haseeb · Founder, Efani
Great collection and bookmarked. Front always on front !
Manuel Frigerio
Manuel Frigerio@mnlfrgr · Maker of @maitre_app
This is just AWESOME. Thanks for sharing guys :)
Kevin McIntosh
Kevin McIntosh@kevin_mcintosh · Writer | Executive Producer of Brand Cam
As a writer I find this to be an interesting concept. Mathilde, can you tell me are there any criteria you use to determine what's "great" copy? To me, a lot of the examples on the page felt pretty standard. But I like the concept of what you're trying to do. I would suggest taking a look at some brands who go way out there... J. Peterman would be a great one to start with. Excellent storytelling. Thanks.