Comments on “Good Email Copy
Mathilde Collin@collinmathilde · CEO, Frontapp
Our mission at Front is to help people communicate better. Usually, it means building the best communication software possible, but today we’re doing something different. We’re releasing a collection of emails that we think have great copy, so the PH community can get inspiration for their own communication. I know a few initiatives similar to this one wer… See more
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
@collinmathilde cool collection of emails what 'checklist' do you have for email copy making it to your list?
Mathilde Collin@collinmathilde · CEO, Frontapp
@bentossell thanks Ben! we're looking for emails that are simple, short, no boiler plate (sometimes with light humor, sometimes just very sincere, etc.)
Inês Silva@isss111 · Head of Operations & Growth @ RIPE
@collinmathilde Awesome! Definitely inspiring! Are you going to keep adding examples?! What can we expect from Front in the upcoming months?!
Mathilde Collin@collinmathilde · CEO, Frontapp
@isss111 yes we'll keep adding examples! you can know what we're up to by looking at our public roadmap: :)
Inês Silva@isss111 · Head of Operations & Growth @ RIPE
@collinmathilde Love it! I'm fascinated by companies that build products in public! I can imagine that publishing your roadmap to the public is a big (maybe scary) step! What has been the impact of this to the company? And to you personally?!
Athif@athif · Digital Marketing Specialist
@collinmathilde WOW! This is sooo useful and I like the way you made it so simple via appropriate categorization. Kudos!
Mathilde Collin@collinmathilde · CEO, Frontapp
@athif thanks!
Ram@ramkumarhq · Researching about the 'Startups'
@collinmathilde -- Amazing product, looks like a great collection, might be very helpful for the starters...:) Keep up the great work...cheers..:)
Mathilde Collin@collinmathilde · CEO, Frontapp
@isss111 i've shared a few insights here: :)
Tamas Ratkai@tamasratkai · CEO at FleetYou | CMO at EU-Solar
@collinmathilde I just loved it! The way you show the examples are just awesome!
Wilsar™@callmewilsar · Founder -
@collinmathilde This is timely, and it's being bookmarked. Definitely inspiring. Thank you :)
Jordan Walker@jordanwalker · Co-Founder,
@collinmathilde thanks for this!
François Grante@fgrante · Products builder, founder of Hunter
@collinmathilde Great idea! Very often I have to dig into my Gmail to get inspiration from my favorite SaaS companies. Problem solved ;)
Alex Scott@alexscottco · Cofounder,
@collinmathilde Although collides with your core mission (just copy), would be great to provide context through ways to reference flows before/after the email communication to see a more holistic view of voice and language. Thanks for compiling!
Jan Klimo@janklimo · Lockstep Labs
@collinmathilde I like this! I'd like to see some ideas for Order Confirmation as well.
Daveyon Mayne@mirmayne · Working on side project
@collinmathilde can I use this for my startup's website? Can I copy word for word?
Mathilde Collin@collinmathilde · CEO, Frontapp
@mirmayne of course!
Giuliano Iacobelli@giuliano84 · Co-Founder, Stamplay
@collinmathilde that's great, I was looking for something like this :)
Fabio Araujo@faraujoj · CEO,
@collinmathilde Well i have to say thanks. This is great
Crystal Chen@crystalchen · Community Manager, Quire
@collinmathilde Thanks for sharing this! This is definitely something I'll need now and then and I've just bookmarked it. :) Happy treasure hunting!