Good Dog

Connect directly with good breeders, shelters and rescues

Connect directly with good breeders, shelters and rescues to find the dog of your dreams.
Good Dog makes it simple for people to get dogs from good sources and for reputable breeders, shelters and rescues to put their dogs in good homes.
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Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
Head Of Operations @ Product Hunt
Getting a dog is wildly rewarding. One of the best decisions I ever made was to get my Dele. They are also hard work and owning a dog is a big responsibility. It's also a big responsibility knowing where to get your dog from. Puppy mills and disreputable breeders can dupe unknowing families into perpetuating a cycle that causes so much harm. I'm happy to see Good Dog help to shine a light on reputable breeders and shelters, allowing more dogs to find their forever homes in a safe and healthy way.
Aaron O'Leary
Community @producthunt. Chef.
@emilyjsnowdon You said it perfectly. Technology needs to take a more proactive approach with issues like this I think and it's great to see a company like Good Dog taking lead here
Nuno DanielLove to build and try new things
I think it's a wonderful approach whether you're an animal lover or not!
Finally a real platform for connecting with legit breeders!
carlos garcia
Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
Animal slavery should be abolished. The poor creatures have no choice but to be sold or breed like objects.
Paul Shuteyev
Experienced Digital Marketer
Congrats on your PH listing, Good Dog looks great! As an owner of a beautiful golden retriever I would like to offer you to publish an interview about Good Dog at please PM me at for more details if interested