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Really nice design!
@syswarren Thank you Julie! Love the concept behind Kimd - such a great idea!
Thanks for the shout out @rrhoover! Good luck to!
@cenedella thanks! Being a product-obsessed team, we are really liking what you guys have built at Knozen!
The design caught my eye, the quirky approach to self-discovery and how it relates to my career is what's convinced me to give it a try. Neat concept, beautiful execution.
@tannerc Thank you Tanner - we appreciate your feedback!
I too like the aesthetic. There are similarities to the recently launchedKnozen, a mobile app to rate and compare your coworkers anonymously. In doing so, it builds a personality/culture-fit graph (as I understand it). cc @cenedella
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! We've been hearing that a lot lately, and it's exciting to see other startups focusing on the space. Knozen is a solid product, and along with Good.Co represents a new breed of technologies building a graph with a completely new dimension of data furthering self-understand, actualization and relationships. As far as how we differ from Knozen, think of Good.Co as OKCupid meets LinkedIn meets Glassdoor. Here are the top differentiators between Good.Co and Knozen: - Good.Co has been around for over a year now and with our beta web app we have collected over 4 million data points (about people's personalities, their friends, managers, and company culture) that have fed into our significantly more sophisticated and social new mobile app - We are quantifying and recommending how to improve relationships not just between people but between coworkers, manager, teams, companies and jobs. Good.Co's FitScore is a fun mechanism that allows users the ability to do that - We have over 4k companies that insider's have rated and people can go check their culture FitScores with. E.g. you can check your FitScore with Facebook, Google, etc. - We are focused explicitly on Millennials because we discovered that the workplace churn and happiness problem was the greatest in this segment both for employees and employers - If you want to check your personality FitScore with a user and get advice on how to build a better relationship, that user does not need to be on Good.Co! You can answer 8 questions about anyone in your social network anonymously and get insights about your relationships.
I think it's a great (and fun) complement to Strengthsfinder and MBTI
@LennsHu Thanks Lenny! Many people are curious on how Good.Co's science differs from MBTI, StrengthsFinder, and assessments that use the Big Five factor model. Our Chief Psychometrics Officer Dr. Kerry Schofield has done a great job of drawing on cutting edge developments in psychometrics, psychology and behavioral neuroscience, bringing Good.Co in line with the most recent scientific thinking in personality modeling. I'm happy to provide more information, or you can check out detailed info about the science behind Good.Co on our site: