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CyrilPaglino@cyrilpaglino · Building @HeyTribe
Product from a Team I've been following since quite a while now and love the direction they're taking. It's a twist on your basic calendar with a reworked interface to make it more playful + a chat for each event you create. They've also just started adding some intelligence in there to help you find the right time to set an event with your friends. Definit… See more
Alexandre Pereira@alxndr_pereira · Entrepreneur, Head of Blacksmith Studio
@cyrilpaglino u rock thanks !
Davidvb - Ld. UI/UX@davidvb · Lead UI/UX Designer
@cyrilpaglino Hey! I just installed it but it's not accepting my Dutch phone number +31(0)612345678 so i couldn't even try it for just the calendar features.. :(