Stefania Olafsdottir
Stefania Olafsdottir reviewedGoLinks for EnterpriseIntuitive short links for every internal URL at your company

- Quick access and more focus instead of many clicks with many distractions (e.g. in Asana and GitHub) - Easy onboarding


Nothing I can think of. Perhaps being able to update links from the Chrome Extension?

We learned about GoLinks three months ago but didn't start using it. For two months, every time we had a moment where we had to type a complicated link into a browser we looked at each other smirking and shouted out what the GoLink would be... "GO WEEKLY", "GO PHLAUNCH", "GO PR" 😅 So eventually we had done this enough times that it was obvious to try out GoLinks. So we finally did and now we use GoLinks every day. Luv it.

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