Golfication X

AI Powered Golf Super-Wearable


Golfication X is Golf's first AI Powered super-wearable that combines a GPS Rangefinder, a Swing Analyzer, an automatic Shot Tracker and Augmented Reality.

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Golfication captures your swing, your shots, and even your intent seamlessly, in real time. It then uses Artificial Intelligence to help you make better decisions on course, and build better practice routines and the range.

Unlike other trackers and sensors, it doesn't require any input from the user, such as tapping before each shot. The system can work without a phone, the GPS rangefinder data available through the companion app also lets wearers receive suggestions at over 10,000 courses for a possible next shot, based on variables such as wind, shot history and elevation.

Golfication X uses AI to understand every golfer's unique swing, and playing style, and ensures that it provides high-impact, customized actionable tips: both on-course & post game.

We have spent years building this, but there's still scope to do better. What improvements would you like to see? Please write to us to be considered for our Beta Programme


Awesome for learning golf.

All kinds of programs for begineers to pro


Need to think about it

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HI, I bought the GOLFICATION sensor in December 2018 and like many people, I received this sensor late in February. What a disappointment at the arrival in February!! First of all, I realize that in France very few golf courses are available to use the GOLFICATION sensor. And it’s the same everywhere. Worse, I realized it takes them three weeks with a lot of email exchanges to add a poor golf course. $200 to finally not be able to use the sensor looks expensive! And that’s not all, I’ve used the GOLFICATION sensor five times, it did not work at all on the golf course. I’m not even talking about the dozens of e-mails sent with very episodic responses lately. Now, $200 this sensor seems very, very expensive. I’m just summarizing what’s happen 5 times, you start playing the hole one, make more or less well-recognized clubs by the GOLFICATION sensor and when you switch to putting mode on the green, the GOLFICATION sensor did not recognize the tag put on the putter. As a result, you get stuck on the first hole. The GOLFICATION sensor continues to add up your other shots as if you were standing on the first hole. This even when you get to the hole 18! You speak of an artificial intelligence!!! unable to understand that you have changed the hole 17 times!!!! I pass on the fact that sometimes the smartphone application gets blocked or that the Golfication sensor is no longer recognized by your smartphone. I can’t even tell you if that’s still the case because I couldn’t do a single normal golf course with the Golfication sensor. I had for over 5 years a Game Golf sensor that worked from the start. What a disappointment with this product from India. I’m not recommending buy it at this time and will keep you informed of any developments if it’s not a huge scam. Good golf to all of you.