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The next place for canonical knowledge on the Internet that will eventually cover 10bn+ topics. Golden, among other features, has a WYSIWYG AI assisted editor that accelerates the process of extracting information, applying citations, filling tables and more.
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  • Konrad Musial
    Konrad MusialSerial Bootstrapper

    Organized knowledge


    Busy, gadgety, gimmicky, unclear, "unfree", unintuitive, unnecessary.

    Not sure why would anyone come up with one more idea for one more way of organizing knowledge that isn't intuitive, or needed for that matter. Humans have already shown that all they need is a clean & simple search engine, not a busy cluster of things to navigate through. It actually reminds me the old AOL and Yahoo, which couldn't succeed for variety of reasons, and aren't used anymore.

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  • Jack Smith
    Jack SmithCo-founder of Vungle and Shyp

    + Don't need to deal with bureaucratic rules/politics like on Wikipedia + I like the easy to use editor + AI editor has early promise


    - I don't understand how the leader-board algorithm works - Some bugs - Some parts of the site are confusing

    I've been a user of Golden since August 2017 and have contributed towards hundreds of topics.

    As someone who's previously TRIED to spend time contributing to Wikipedia, I can say that they really make it hard for a layman user. The editor is confusing and can require you to use "Wikitext" markup language to achieve what you want, I also ran into bureaucracy in the way of random rules and politics, all whilst just trying to be helfpul. I'd spend hours writing a topic on Wikipedia only to have it deleted for some random reason that I didn't fully understand. Golden addresses a lot of these concerns, it's a purely WYSIWYG editing interface with no coding needed; I was also able to submit content without much by way of random rules. That said, I did find the difference between "clusters", "topics" and "categories" to be confusing - I still don't think that I fully get that part.

    The AI editor is pretty raw in terms of its functionality, but it's clear to see its early promise - it can pull in content from other websites and format it all for you etc. very cool and saves a huge amoutn of time.

    As a user of the site right since its very early inception, I have sometimes come across bugs (e.g. posts getting lost in my drafts folder), but the team has addressed these very fast when I've reached out, many times within a few hours.

    I look forward to continue contributing to Golden, I find it very fun in a way that I had wished Wikipedia would be when I first started trying to contribute there.

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  • Pros: 

    Not much. It's not ready for primetime.


    There is almost no information.

    I checked a simple topic: apple varieties and it came up with 2! There are over 7500. Then I checked a trending advanced topic. Neural implants, and it brought up companies with Neural in the name. If this is their "advanced" knowledge they need to stay in the lab awhile longer.

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  • Pros: 

    I feel the two greatest advantages this website will have over Wikipedia are the accessibility, and reliability.



    I have not used this resource yet, but intend to in the future. As a student, a website such as this would be a great resource, which I, as well as many other students, will benefit greatly from. In interviews founder, Jude Gomila has boasted its accessibility and easy access to resources and websites cited and used in each page. If done correctly, the set up of the website could easily make finding the useful information that you’re after, easier than in Wikipedia. As a student, it also makes citing any sites or resources in any of my works much easier and smoother. As well as the accessibility, Jude also explains the excellent use of AI which will feature in Golden, used to prevent people from creating fake or alternate accounts and adding fake information, or removing useful information, effectively making it more difficult for trolls to sabotage any information, making this a more reliable source of information as you would not have to worry about whether what you’re reading is correct, or edited by someone who’s wanted to add false info. The AIs don’t just prevent any of this from happening, as there will always be a few people who will succeed in trolling. The bots used will also detect any biased or false information, in the situation that any fake information is added, it will be made known so that people can fix it. I feel that this will become an excellent alternative to Wikipedia and do look forward to using it in the future!

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  • Pros: 

    Golden tools for adding content save time for menial tasks like citations, adding information, and formatting so it's fun to contribute.


    Not as much content as similar resources like Wikipedia at the moment, but you can find many topics not covered on Wikipedia.

    I've been contributing to for over a year and the Golden team has added and refined many tools for making it easier to add content to the platform. I find the content cluster pages and query tools are great for exploring topics I am interested in like biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrencies compared to using Wikipedia or generic google searches.

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  • Pros: 

    - Golden's AI-assisted editor makes contributing easy - Deep coverage of synthetic biology - Golden team gets the knowledge industry


    - AI-assisted editor is still being built out. However the team is super responsive to feedback, both in my own experience and others online

    The Golden team is grappling with all the right questions. Wikipedia covers 6 million articles, there's entire industries that are missing, how to go about that in the right way, how to balance AI and human contributions. Excited to continue using Golden as a user and contributor.

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  • Jake West-Gomila
    Jake West-GomilaFront end developer

    I like how the data returned by searches is structured. Fluid experience searching for information. User interface encourages discovery.


    None, the platform will get even better given time and increasing contributions

    From what I understand of how Golden manages data, this seems and feels like the future & a genuinely useful tool with purpose for both the general user and at enterprise level

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  • Joshua Dance
    Joshua DanceEngineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker

    So much easier to use than Wikipedia


    Still small # of articles.

    Really enjoyed the tools they provide to collect and source the knowledge.

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  • Pros: 

    Its user interface if you call it that is epic. Lots of visuals, insane potential


    Nto sure if there is a better alternative, but if there is I really hope they they collaborate and work together to help stop our idiocracy.

    Unlike a Golden shower, this golden was a pleasent experience and worth checking out.

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  • Pros: 

    More extensive knowledge than Wiki. Structures data that is today written in a form of an essay on Wikipedia into a machine-readable format.


    No cons

    Awesome product

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  • Pros: 

    Quick and easy. AI improves quality. Nice timeline and People focus. Clusters of topics are intuitive way to group knowledge.



    Give it a go:

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  • Pros: 

    Simple, clean, easy to understand interface. A much-needed platform for new startups and innovators.


    Quite easy for people to utilize for self-promotion and marketing talk. Although I​ see it's being addressed.

    Absolutely love the platform. Very easy to use. Would be great to potentially have some kind of discussion board / forum to discuss ideas?

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