Golden Kitty Awards 2016

A celebration of products, makers & PH community members πŸ†πŸ˜»

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⬆️ Vote for the 2016 Golden Kitty Award Nominees! Voting ends Sunday December 18th at 7pm PST. The product with the most upvotes in each category wins. πŸŽ‰ πŸ† Tech Product of the Year πŸš€ Breakthrough Product of the Year πŸ“± Mobile App of the Year πŸ’» Desktop App of the Year 😏 Sexiest Product of the Year πŸ›  Hardware Product of the Year πŸ€– Bot of the Year πŸŒ€ iMessage App of the Year 🌐 Chrome Extension of the Year πŸ™ˆ WTF Product of the Year πŸŽ™ Podcast Episode of the Year 😻 Community Product of the Year πŸ’¬ LIVE Chat of the Year
The 2nd Annual Golden Kitty Awards are here! A celebration of all the amazing products, makers, and community members. In 2015 we started with 9 categories (see all previous winners here). This year, we added a few more CATegories for a total of 15 Golden Kitty Trophies! πŸ˜»πŸ† You may vote more than once in a category (if you wish) and we encourage you to explore each collection, which include some gems you may have missed this year. *This year we introduced 2 categories that will be determined using a data-driven approach (without voting): The Maker of the Year Award and Community Member of the Year Award. Excited to share more details about those two awards next week! **My favorite new category includes some of the year's most popular projects built by makers in the community. Vote for the Community Product of the Year 😸
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@nivo0o0 @producthunt @goldenkittymeow I guess I thought that "Community Product" was a product that's community building related. Thought since chatbots are booming that BotList would be nominated at least since it has 1520 upvotes and passed 1.88M page views in 8 months. Thoughts?
@sethlouey BotList would have been an excellent candidate for the Community Product category, but unfortunately we excluded products that had Product Hunt employee as makers =/
@nivo0o0 ah crap... yeah, didn't really think of that since Ben's been gone for 7 months. My bad. Good point.
@nivo0o0 @producthunt @goldenkittymeow Great! Thanks a lot! Can we edit our page: icon, screenshots? I'm maker of AppFollow
Whoa Carrd got nominated for Community Product! So honored πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
@ajlkn exactly! Love your work too 😸
Do runner ups get participation badges that they can show their mothers? :)
@cameronrohani good idea.
The award looks stunning! 🐱😸 I am very curious, how do you nominate products, based on what criteria?
@illya_bakurov I'm curious about this as well. Who suggested the nominations? Was it internal or was it public or to the PH community and I somehow missed it?
@illya_bakurov as well I would like to know what criteria lead to something being nominated
@15greenberg @illya_bakurov @joshuapinter the nominations have been chosen through a mix of community suggestion, data, and PH secret sauce. Now it's up to the community to do the rest! (different than last year tho where it was only based on nominations, which missed a lot of the products)
@nivo0o0 @15greenberg @illya_bakurov @joshuapinter Pro tip: the secret sauce is probably La Croix
@ajlkn @15greenberg @illya_bakurov @joshuapinter well, now the secret's out.