Illya Bakurov@ibakurov · Co-Founder @Eventlime and @MojiLook
The award looks stunning! 🐱😸 I am very curious, how do you nominate products, based on what criteria?
Joshua Pinter@joshuapinter · Product Dev at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
@illya_bakurov I'm curious about this as well. Who suggested the nominations? Was it internal or was it public or to the PH community and I somehow missed it?
Daniel Greenberg@15greenberg
@illya_bakurov as well I would like to know what criteria lead to something being nominated
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
@15greenberg @illya_bakurov @joshuapinter the nominations have been chosen through a mix of community suggestion, data, and PH secret sauce. Now it's up to the community to do the rest! (different than last year tho where it was only based on nominations, which missed a lot of the products)
aj@ajlkn · Maker of stuff.
@nivo0o0 @15greenberg @illya_bakurov @joshuapinter Pro tip: the secret sauce is probably La Croix
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
@ajlkn @15greenberg @illya_bakurov @joshuapinter well, now the secret's out.