A crowdfunding site to recoup fees banks have taken from you

A crowdfunding platform for people to recoup the overdraft fees big banks have taken from them.
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Everyday, big banks charge Americans nearly $100 million in overdraft fees. One👏 Hundred 👏 Million 👏 Dollars 👏Every 👏 Single 👏 Day 👏. We at Current don't believe in charging people money for not having enough money - so we don’t have any overdraft fees - but we know not everyone uses Current...(yet!) So we decided to launch GoFundMyOverdraft… it’s like GoFundMe but to help people get the money their banks have taken from them in fees. I will be online all day responding to your questions and feedback.
@itsadamhadi Can I create a page to recoup $36 that you guys charged me for a card that I never activated, or used XD?
@bryanherediax Well, you certainly can! We charge parents $36/year for a Teen Banking account: https://current.com/parents/ Why didn't you end up using the card? Very open to feedback here!
@itsadamhadi I got this card for my sister to teach her about finance (gotta start them young). But... I failed to teach her how to not lose a card before activating it, how it happened is beyond me. So my feedback to you is, keep doing the great work :) I already ordered a new card for her, I was just surprised when you guys charged me for something that I hadn't yet used, but that's fine! It's a love.
@bryanherediax That's a great brother right there!!
Really glad you guys are doing something about this major issue. BRAVO!!!
LOL loved this! Most of Americans (maybe the world) lives paycheck to paycheck and this is an awesome collective approach to overdraft fees. Have you considered becoming an affiliate with online banks (eg empower, simple, ally) that have 0 overdraft fees? Would be a great way to capitalize on this ...
@antonio_dmya Thanks!! We ARE a bank that has zero overdraft fees! Check us out: Current.com
So... fund and enable one of banking's most hated, widespread and doubtful practices while helping people? I both do and do not get it.
It's incredibly sad that this needs to be a thing. Thank you for not charging overdraft fees with your own bank, and best of luck.