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sounds like magicApp? how's it different?
@kashjawed I'm wondering the same -- they're using similar examples and 90% identical website copy &FAQ. Same company?
@kashjawed @webfugitive It's one of the many copycats to www.getmagicnow.com
@dwmerriman David, is this you guys dabbling with industry/lifestyle-specific branding? http://edumagic.co/
@bryanwynkoop "edumagic" is a copycat not affiliated with Magic.
GoButler recently was in the German news last week through the angel investment of TV celebrity Joko Winterscheidt. Looks more promising than the other clones so far.
Copy cat. Is there a vote down button?
@lukasingelheim competition is always good for customers. But I'd like to vote down also :)
I love this idea. Abstracting any drudgery or complexity away from tasks that I just want to get done without needing to know how is a value-add, if you ask me. Looking forward to giving this a go.
There are some potential differences compared to Magic regarding rev model: http://techcrunch.com/2015/04/01...