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GOAT Jobs is an aggregation of job opps in eSports companies 🐐


Kacper Wikieł


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Ben TossellMaker@bentossell · newCo
As part of my new venture https://www.newco.app/ (showing people how to build products without code) I decided to make a job board for eSports companies. There has been so much movement in this industry recently but I've not seen a decent job aggregator...yet. So I made this in about one day. I manually seeded jobs but will be looking for more automation. When companies submit a job, that process is automated though. Would love to hear your feedback. What is missing?
Steven Lam
Steven Lam@slamboogie88 · Digital Asset Manager / Content Producer
@bentossell Congrats on the app.
Lazar Jovanovic
Lazar Jovanovic@lazarjovanovic1 · Community Manager at MARKET Protocol
@bentossell Exactly as you said, this is a niche industry jobs aggregator that I believe many people should use in the eSports industry since it's becoming the top 5 sport in the US IMO just after Basketball, Baseball, Soccer and Football. Great job!
Alin B
Alin B@sk_dub · Product, Marketing & Biz Dev
Great idea for enthusiasts. Too bad there are no remote jobs though
Ben TossellMaker@bentossell · newCo
@sk_dub there is one role under the 'content' tab which is remote. I will be adding location based search/filtering next and looking for remote roles to add!
Mentor Reka
Mentor Reka@mentorreka · Entrepreneur & Software Developer
Simple. Intuitive. Nice job Ben !
Ben TossellMaker@bentossell · newCo
@mentorreka Thanks a lot!
Till Rahn
Till Rahn@tillrahn · "projects" 😀
Looking good! :) What did you build it with?
Ben TossellMaker@bentossell · newCo
@tillrahn thanks... I'll be showing how you can build the same on https://www.newco.app/ But this was: Webflow Stripe Typeform Zapier Google Sheets
Benjamin Wheeler
Benjamin Wheeler@benjamin_wheeler · Teaching and making tech. Indie hacker.
@tillrahn @bentossell Interesting that you're not using Carrd and Airtable anymore. What are you looking better about using Webflow and Sheets? What are you using to pull in Sheets data and format it?
Ben TossellMaker@bentossell · newCo
@tillrahn @benjamin_wheeler Oh I still am using Carrd and Airtable for different things. The Webflow Zap didnt work for Airtable on this so I used Sheets. This formats it all correctly.
Benjamin Wheeler
Benjamin Wheeler@benjamin_wheeler · Teaching and making tech. Indie hacker.
@tillrahn @bentossell is the Zap somehow writing sheets content to a file? I guess I'm just mystified as to how the process gets turned into a page, if that's not generated on the fly when a user visits.
Ben TossellMaker@bentossell · newCo
@tillrahn @benjamin_wheeler I read a lot of people having issues with Webflow and Airtable via Zapier... tried lots of times. Didn't work but Sheets did, so went with it 🙌
Pritesh Pillay
Pritesh Pillay@prittyamazing · Owner, AdvisingOm
I’m awake for sken frosted flakes alone but need a closer look in a few hours when im technically up. But ar first glance, this looks like exactly the type of kob board people need. It has a niche industry so you know anyone searching there is going to have a genuine interest in the field of the position not just posting it to one size marketing/busIness fits all dump sites that focus on job function. Plus it’s a low fee to post in an ideal board. So if theres dedicated sites/boards business type/industey focus it has less competition and a winning model. This is aside from being a fan girl of yours, btw. I’m considering even speakinf with some of the companies that posted marketing or community/PR jobs. Anyone know someone working at PlayVS? That concept sounds visionary and man would I have had a better experience if that was at my school growing up. Their stance is validated by several scientific/behavioral psychology/child development studies but their position will be their demise. Saying esports should replace physical excercise which for a lot of kids PE is the only time they do it and hopefully retain habits into adulthood. Sitting at a desk forgetting to get up for hours. I was on this thing called Envirothon in High School (I know, I was so popular) but really it wasnt something afterschool or a club, dedicated school time was given to it. We placed 11th in CA 💁🏾‍♂️ after our very underfunded school sent 2 teams to rank in state regionals 💅🏾 and it was epic. The best in the field with experts judging/guIdIng/organIzIng and sponsorIng and even presentIng In so many more adjacent fIelds for the environmental sciences and not only conservation and clean energy. The 5 student teams (we were E-Unit. Get it? Like G-Unit? I had no part in that) consisted if “Area Experts” in other fields. This just inspired an article I need to write to them and now this is the long story short how it applies here but definitely will try to get your attention to the longer piece. NewCo is an entryway for creatIve or strstegIcally mInded people not needIng to have tech-dev background (especIally sInce If we dId It means we dIdnt have expertIse In our fIeld whIch Is needed by folks who are experts In not those thIngs and leads a company to be the sIze of BlIzzard etc) to have access to the development side for our first entrepreneurial endeavors we need to bootstrap and lean launch. But we get to meet badass folks that are great at what they do. So keep killing it. The way my braIn sees It, wIth the rIght posItIonIng, NewCo has potential to be a dominant name in many industries since it doesnt serve 1 role like I dunno... appsumo that connects software tool startups with marketing/BD folks like myself that need it to compete for smalll busiss affordable solutions but also me to compete with established agencies needing me to go away. Sorry about it Becky. AppSumo and of course the amazing community hub that’s Product hunt exist. NewCo can be Zero to One and not one to N. Out of milk in my bowl 😔 gnight
Ben TossellMaker@bentossell · newCo
@prittyamazing thanks for the message! appreciate your support :) @LazAlberto just got a role at PlayVS actually