Goat Attack

Text bomb your enemies with goats

#2 Product of the DayApril 29, 2015
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You goatta be kidding me.
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hahaha this is awesome, please expand it beyond US numbers
Top 5 Product Hunt all-time?
Reminds me of sending enemies glitter. My question is are people really willing to pay those prices to send a text? There are services out there that are free to send texts and the user would simply input goat images.
@jeshalom Yes, I paid! Much easier than finding the other service and finding goat images and coming up with things to say 😊
@jeshalom HELLLLLLLS yeah! Its teh simple things in life that make me smile. Best 4 dollars I spent in a long time.
Should I get some sort of confirmation that my goats have arrived? My co-founder did this to me as well.... still waiting
@evanlodge wondering the exact same thing. @bcruddy : Nice work! From what I remember on the send form, was never asked for my contact info. Will we be notified?